A List of Facts about Jacob/Jakub Kostecki

The following is a list of (to the best of my knowledge) facts, presented neutrally (or as neutrally as possible) for you to draw your own conclusions.

This story begins with a crypto conference that was supposed to happen in Memphis called Massive Adoption. It was planned and orchestrated by Jacob Kostecki and failed. Due to insufficient funds the conference was cancelled. During this same time Jacob was fundraising in a drive he called SatsForStudents that collected crypto to fund activities for underprivileged students. With that context I now present you facts that you may or may not find interesting.

Jacob Kostecki has a warrant out for his arrest in Poland.



Jacob Kostecki named a company that he used to collect payments for Massive Adoption, “Integrity Front LLC.” The company is now delinquent.


Jacob Kostecki has claimed to have been involved in real estate for the last 14 years.

1. I've been actively involved in real estate for 14 years. For the past 6 years this has been my main source of income

2. I haven't exited crypto in any way (hence 2 accounts), but I do get to realign my focus just as anyone does – especially as we enter "this"

"Reporting" 🤦 https://t.co/j8GxumlmZG

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 9, 2020


Jacob Kostecki formed a [presumably] real estate focused company called Off Market Today LLC in February 2020.


Jacob Kostecki created a new Twitter account to focus on real estate in February 2020.

Tweets by jkostecki_rei


Many startups that have chosen to work with Jacob have felt cheated by him.

A strange tale of Central European startups, angry investors, and secret NDAs


Jacob claims to have been in the US since mid 2014.

This warrant was published last week (1/21/20), I have been in the United States since mid 2014 and was made aware of this case in 2016. I had no prior knowledge of it before.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) January 29, 2020


Jacob claims to be a refugee granted asylum in 1984.

Mike –

You know I'm a huge fan of the Block, but for context I'm also a political refugee (asylum granted in 1984), lived in full blown Communism with martial law, rationed food, etc. so let me ask you:

What do you think these guys are fighting for? What are they trying to do?

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) November 22, 2019

The tickets for Massive Adoption were often promised to include various valuable benefits including hotel rooms, and even at one point more crypto than the cost of the ticket.

2/ Tickets include
* full conference, including 2 evening parties
* 2 free nights at a partner hotel/short-term stay
* at least $230 from our partners in free crypto

Promo applies if you pay in crypto. You can buy here:https://t.co/5QdYlVm5TR

DM for Lighting & other coins

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) September 9, 2019


1/ 🔥#MassiveAdoption 🔥


~$1200 in value for the price of a $297 Massive event ticket

* $500 in free BTC & liquid crypto (no 💩 coins) from our partners, such as @PurseIO & @DeVaultCrypto
* 2 nights for free at The Peabody — best hotel in Memphis

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) July 17, 2019


One last room at the Peabody left. 9 folks are already staying at the Peabody Hotel for #MassiveAdoption free of charge (thanks #Memphis!)

A ticket to Massive gets you the conference, a free stay at the Peabody and at least $182 in Bitcoin and liquid alts. DM for details. https://t.co/ToKviLQ6C0

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) July 7, 2019


During this same period Jacob was fundraising for an initiative that he called SatsForStudents that was meant to help underprivileged kids.

$2900 more & #MassiveAdoption's #satsforstudents program will have raised $20,000!

We've raised $17,100 thanks to your tremendous generosity!

400 students will get BTC + crypto education at Massive Adoption.

BTC & other addresses below or DM for a fresh address.

Can you help? https://t.co/Tmgu5q2QHO

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) October 4, 2019


Please donate so our students can participate in #MassiveAdoption & receive satoshi #stacksats







DM for Lighting, other methods

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) September 9, 2019


Jacob has failed to provide a complete accounting of where the SatsForStudents funds went and there is evidence that the funds went through mixers and to exchanges.

I looked into the #SatsForStudents scam run by Jacob Kostecki

Raising money under the premise it would be given to kids to learn about crypto, i noticed that btwn August-January he posted new addresses every time he used the hashtag and emptied the wallets shortly after


— karbongod 🐺🦊 (@karbongod) January 29, 2020


Jacob has made a variety of comments suggesting that he may pursue legal action against critics.

If you believe a lot of baiting hasn’t been taking place for the benefit of future legal actions you’re reading the situation incorrectly

While I’m processing refunds and moving things along

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 31, 2020


Speaking of threats… pic.twitter.com/KytRLK5eUc

— Space ₿lk ♼ (@BlkMoneyDotCom) March 15, 2020


You’re not blocked and please do. The legal case will be stronger. Please add to discovery!

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 31, 2020


Of course not.

They're also not frivolous but strategic.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 9, 2020


I am not threatening to sue.

I am suing a number of people, including Kyle Gibson.

Again, there's ZERO threats here.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 9, 2020


Fortunately you don't decide what I am suing you for.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 9, 2020


Jacob Kostecki has insinuated that people pointing out problems makes it more difficult for him to do refunds, and some statements could be interpreted as him saying he may not refund or may delay refunds to people who point out problems.

If you believe this is the approach that will yield the result you are looking for I don't know what to say other than you are mistaken.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 15, 2020


All refunds will be made.

If you guys make it more difficult for me to earn that money to make refunds that's something we'll have an opportunity to deal with in the future. That's on you, not me.

I'm getting back to work.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 14, 2020


If you'd rather feel you're right than made whole carry on.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 14, 2020


Someone working through resolving the situation but please do keep up these statements and expect a timely refund at the same time

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 14, 2020


Jacob Kostecki has promised to update his website at massiveadoption.com.

The https://t.co/rDdxOP2xgW@massiveadoption website will be done for 24 hours as I migrate to a less expensive hosting option – the current page doesn't require the same robust hosting.

A new update should be on the site by Tuesday.

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) March 7, 2020


Twitter avatar for @jacobkosteckiJacob Kostecki @jacobkostecki
massiveadoption.com @MassiveAdoption website will be done for 24 hours as I migrate to a less expensive hosting option - the current page doesn't require the same robust hosting. A new update should be on the site by Tuesday.massiveadoption.com - Registered at Namecheap.commassiveadoption.com

Currently, the website is hosting a domain parking service.


Specifically this domain parking service: https://www.parkingcrew.com/

Parking services are a way for domain owners to profit from traffic to their domain.

Delays with refunds have been a continual pattern with regards to this conference. The conference was originally scheduled for November and then delayed. After that delay Jacob fell behind on refunds.

A small business w/o outside funding depends on cash flow

I'm behind on refunding part of our November tickets (~6% attendees cancelled due to new date or personal reasons)

If you've committed to sponsoring or attending Massive Adoption your prompt payment would be appreciated https://t.co/ogB5YW18QP

— Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) December 19, 2019


These are to the best of my ability fully accurate facts about Jacob Kostecki.

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